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06 May, 2020
While you can read informative coronavirus newsletters from major media sites like the NYT, The Guardian, The Washington Post, etc, until you’re blue in the face, they are all reall... (more)
06 March, 2020
Love reading the latest celeb gossip?... the latest sneak peeks at movies/tv? ...the newest fashion or beauty tips trending by celebrities? If so, we’ve got some winners in this newsletter ca... (more)
31 January, 2020
Photography newsletters fall into several buckets: Newsletters for photographers Improvi... (more)
13 January, 2020
With each Spotlight Category posting, you can expect to learn in depth information on a specific category. We will distill down what types of newsletters there are in that category, which stand... (more)
26 November, 2019
We are excited to announce that narrowSCALE has started a podcast to connect newsletter readers to their favorite newsletter writers and connect writers to new audiences! Rarely do read... (more)
21 November, 2019
People have been asking us how long it takes to read a newsletter-- and that answer depends on a combination of factors: The type of wri... (more)
30 October, 2019
Tips for Newsletter Writers on Setting Up Your Listing Hello Writers, here are some details and tips to help you optimize your newsletter listing so you can be more easily found in sear... (more)
26 September, 2019
Newsletters generally go narrow and deep on a topic of interest, with the goal of sharing knowledge/information in a structured format. They are generally professional and written as a letter or as... (more)
26 September, 2019
The short answer is “because some newsletter writers are just that great.” It all depends on what you’re interested in, how much you value the insight of a writer, and how much yo... (more)

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