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Specialization: Customer Relationship Management Intercom is a leading customer messaging platform that allows software businesses to communicate with leads and contacts directly on their site — through their , media, and by emai…
We help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors create the change that matters. We have always helped our clients identify and set the direction toward their most important goals. Today, we go further: working together…
A weekly round-up news about the most interesting, essential things Elon Musk is working on. Sent every Wednesday
The Shopify newsletter showcases a mix of practical advice, industry news and thought-leader interviews. It’s worth subscribing to irrespective of whether you use Shopify or not.
Weekly bulletin for professionals working in public services, with insight on issues including innovation and tech, policy, practice and joint working.
Quick, practical management advice to help you do your job better, delivered weekdays by the Harvard Business Review (yes, them again. And yes, they are doing an amazing job).
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