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Weekly essays on how technology reshapes how we create and consume culture, plus updates on my book and writing.
Benedict Evans curates the freshest stories and resources from the realms mobile, productivity, innovation, cars, machine learning, AR & VR, plus a lot other topics that you will disco…
Six Colors provides daily coverage of Apple, other technology companies, and the intersection of technology and culture. Its founder and editor in chief is Jason Snell. That’s me!
Expert knowledge from the fastest growing TikTok creators and brands.
How people work. Tools and thoughts how to get through the tetris life.
Receive tips, tricks and ideas to help you use your technology more effectively and safe.
The latest articles and events to change the way you work, think, and navigate.
I built devices and sensors for health and human-computer interaction at the MIT Media Lab. I used to work at TechStars Boston, and on occasion I give talks and build mobile apps. I also advise/consult for companies including startups at H…
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