5ish from M.G. Siegler

5ish from M.G. Siegler

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5ish from M.G. Siegler
5ish from M.G. Siegler
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5ish from M.G. Siegler


What is this?
5ish is a newsletter by M.G. Siegler (that’s me) that aims to serve up five or so links to interesting content/places at a regular cadence.

Okay, but what about 500ish?
In a way, 5ish is a counterpart to 500ish, the site where I...

do the majority of my writing, with an aim towards five hundred or so words in length per piece.

So what will the 5ish links be about?
Whatever I find interesting enough to highlight and/or topics I find the urge to provide commentary about. While the links will undoubtedly be tech-heavy, they certainly won’t all be about tech.

But why the gem icon?
While not an exact replica, it is technically meant to represent a ‘rupee’ which is the coinage used in The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda?
Yes, the video game. Once I realized the aim of this newsletter was to share links — anyone who knows the game knows where my mind immediately went. And as cool as it would be having a sword or the Triforce as the logo, I remembered that while the standard rupee (the yellow/blue flashing kind) was worth one in the original game, the solid blue rupee was worth — wait for it — five.

I also like the notion of finding gems…

Boy, that’s pretty convoluted…
Yeah, I may change it in the future. At first, I was using a clock face pointed to 5pm, but then I realized that I’m probably going to be even more liberal on the 5pm-ish element of this newsletter than with the 5-ish links part…

This is all a work in progress. We’ll see what sticks.

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Writer(s) M.G. Siegler