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The latest breakthroughs, applications and foul-ups in artificial intelligence.
Exceptional curation on technology & society. I’m exploring how our societies and political economy will change under the force rapidly accelerating...
Humane AI is a bi-weekly newsletter about the intersection artificial intelligence, public policy, and human rights.
Discover creative applications artificial intelligence in art, music, design and more.
The progress and change in AI discussion has never been as fast paced as it is today, and we know how difficult it can get to simply be on top of things. So we are here to help!
The site’s goal to curate and share recent news, articles and jobs related to Big Data, Data Science, Hadoop, AI, Machine learning, Data Engineering and Cloud news – helping you keep up with all the latest developments without the hassle …
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in AI, Company
in AI, Company
We aim to democratize the most important technological breakthrough in human history, technology intelligence. Evolutionary increase intelligence in homo sapiens changed the world, making humans the dominant species and enabling them…
A weekly digest data science curiosities, machine intelligence, data geekery, and other amenities.
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