Design Lobster, by Ben Strak

Design Lobster, by Ben Strak

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Design Lobster, by Ben Strak
Design Lobster, by Ben Strak
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Design Lobster, by Ben Strak


Design Lobster brings the curious world of design to you.
A weekly brain-disruption from the world of design delivered straight to your inbox every Monday morning. Whether you’re a design-curious amateur or a pro, Design Lobster will broaden your

design horizons and tone up your idea muscle.

Every week features
One question to poke into a topical issue, problem or event from the perspective of design.

One object to highlight the weird and wonderful array of design in the world.

One quote from the design world to provoke, encourage or entertain.

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About Me
My name is Ben Strak and I work as a Product Designer, currently at a startup bank called Monzo here in London. Before I went digital I studied and worked in the world of architecture. I’m here to share my excitement about the history and future of design with you every week. Plus the odd lobster

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# of subscribers 1+
Frequency of publication Once per week
Average newsletter length 500-1000 words
There is a paid version of the newsletter No
Type of pubilcation Independent
Writer(s) Ben Strak