Drawing Links, by Edith Zimmerman

Drawing Links, by Edith Zimmerman

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Drawing Links, by Edith Zimmerman
Drawing Links, by Edith Zimmerman
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Drawing Links, by Edith Zimmerman


Drawing Links is mostly nonfiction comics about my life, with links to cool things I find online. I typically draw in pen, scan pages into my computer, and send them out in one long JPG. I’m Edith Zimmerman, a writer and illustrator.

In 2010 I started The Hairpin, and I’ve written for The Cut, the New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, GQ, and The Awl. I founded the nonfiction comics section Spiralbound and illustrate the recovery newsletter The Small Bow. I live in Brooklyn, and I’m from Cambridge, MA. In 2019 I quit my job to start this newsletter!

How often does it come out?

Three times a week.

Is this my main job?

Yes! I freelance, too, so please drop me a line me if you’d like me to write or draw for you.

What is the difference between the free newsletter and the paid one?

Both include comics and links. I send at least one free newsletter each week (to all subscribers), and more to paying subscribers. Paying subscribers can also comment on posts. And they earn my undying gratitude! This is my main job, and every subscription gets me closer to my goal of supporting myself with this newsletter by 2022.

When did I launch the paid version?

In late April 2020.

What happened in late April?

I was hoping to hit a certain number of free subscribers, or to get to June (I didn’t do either), but in late April I was feeling antsy and wanted to see what would happen.

Did I always draw, or is this new?

I drew in college (and sporadically for a personal blog and for The Hairpin), but I picked it back up again in earnest when I stopped drinking. Past public comics include My First Year Sober and an ode to menstrual cups on Imgur.

Additional information

Frequency of publication More than once per week
There is a paid version of the newsletter Yes
Type of pubilcation Independent
Writer(s) Edith Zimmerman