Monday Musings, by David Perell

Monday Musings, by David Perell

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Monday Musings, by David Perell
Monday Musings, by David Perell
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A Celebration of Learning and Curiosity by David Perell.
I’m an author, teacher, and podcast host. I also the writer behind
Welcome to Monday Musings. It’s the hub of my life’s work. Every Monday, the newsletter is sent to 7,500...

subscribers from every corner of the globe.

I’m on a mission to transform our relationship with information. Specifically, my work explores how we consume, organize, and share ideas.

I lead an online course called Write of Passage. In just five weeks, I give hundreds of students the tools to write online, build an audience, and attract people, ideas and opportunities. For an introduction to my writing, I recommend What the Hell is Going On? The article has been read by 100,000 people.

I also host the North Star Podcast. Previous guests include Neil deGrasse Tyson (world-famous scientist), Tyler Cowen (named one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers), and Seth Godin (author of 18 best-selling books). As an Emergent Ventures Fellow, my work is supported by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

Monday Musings is the best way to keep up with my work. Here’s what you’ll find in each edition:

My new articles, observations, and podcasts

Coolest things I learned last week

A personal story

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Writer(s) David Perell