The Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC) was formed in 1977 to promote fellowship and the exchange of information among its members — amateur astronomers. SAC members meet monthly for both general meetings and observing sessions, and regularly cond…

…uct and support public programs on astronomy. SAC is one of the larger amateur astronomy clubs in the Phoenix area. It currently has about 100 members and normally holds two meetings each month. One meeting is a lecture meeting while the other is an observing session at a remote site away from city lights.

We have subgroups within the club. One of the oldest, the Deep-Sky group, observes and studies faint objects that lie outside the solar system. This group also sponsors awards for members observing all objects on various lists.

Another subgroup within the club is the Novice Group. It is specifically set up to help beginners sort out their many choices while deciding to purchase either a telescope or observing accessories. Novice group meetings are held at various times throughout the year; announcements will appear in the SAC Newsletter.

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