Sarah Bessey's Field Notes

Sarah Bessey's Field Notes

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The popular e-newsletter from writer and speaker Sarah Bessey with exclusive essays, the books worth reading, good things, links, and so much more. Starting on the...

Starting on the 20th of every month, paid subscribers receive a personal not-available-anywhere-else exclusive essay from me along with weekly features like the beloved “book corner” where I chat about all the books I’ve been reading - and what I really think of them, the "Good Things" with inspiring or funny or fierce or lovely things I am into at the moment, giveaways, links worth clicking to insightful and necessary articles (and the occasional Buzzfeed quiz), powerful women worth following, and so much more. There may be extra bonus emails throughout the month as well with answers to user-submitted questions. You will also be the very first ones to hear about any new books, projects, or announcements.

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