Slow Boring is a blog and newsletter by Matthew Yglesias on American politics and public policy. The name comes from Max Weber’s essay on “Politics as a Vocation” where he writes that

“Politics is a strong and slow boring of hard boards” that “takes both passion and perspective.”

My aim is to provide both. I am deeply engaged with politics because politics matters for people’s lives. Campaigns and elections matter because the influence policy and policy is a question of life or death. But high ideals and principles are worthless unless they’re paired with a strategy to win. My view is that the tactical, strategic, and substantive aspects of all these questions need to be tackled with a bracing honesty that is often missing in a contemporary media landscape that’s excessively driven by algorithms, clicks, conformism, and fads. A better world is possible, but to make it real requires conversations that are difficult and rigorous, not shallow clickbait and virality.

This site is for you if you’re interested in finding out what’s actually true about American politics and public policy, not just what flatters your biases. Plenty of people don’t actually care and just want their biases flattered. That’s fine too! There are plenty of websites doing that.

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