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This newsletter serves as a round-up of current astronomy news and observing stories. Learn about upcoming celestial events and read more about major discoveries about the universe around us.
AmSky is your resourse for amateur astronomy. Our table contents links to great current articles about astronomy, observing, telescope making, club news and other topics from astronomy club newsletters and professional publications. We h…
The team welcomes you on our side. We offer knowledge for amateurs and interested parties in the different areas. The team at consists of committed amateur astronomers who create articles with pictures in the…
Dave Eicher, editor Astronomy magazine and science popularizer, brings you thoughts about astronomy, cosmology, nature, the hobby astronomy, the sometimes disturbingly pseudoscientific culture we live in, and more.
The Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC) was formed in 1977 to promote fellowship and the exchange of information among its members — amateur astronomers. SAC members meet monthly for both general meetings and observing sessions, and regularly cond…
Astronomy magazine is an internet magazine about astronomy, space and the starry sky as a hobby. The purpose and aim the astronomy magazine is to: Being the best source serious, up-to-date information on astronomy, space and about th…
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