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First, what are email newsletters?

Email newsletters, some people may call them “email digests” or “subscription emails”, are written to an audience of subscribers on a topic the author knows well and is passionate about. They’re generally delivered to your inbox on a regular cadence and provide deep and/or unique knowledge or insight.  With newsletters, readers can have direct relationships with the writers they trust to do high-value work.


How did narrowSCALE come to be and how does it work?

NarrowSCALE was born out of a love of bringing a community together to help people discover great content that goes narrow and deep on a topic-- and then helping writers get to the scale of visibility that they deserve.  It’s a win for everyone.


As a reader, you can easily discover newsletters in domains you care about and know if they are any good by the reviews, number of existing subscribers, and more. If you’re intrigued and want more from that author, you can subscribe right then and there. Also, you can write reviews for the ones you love (or, eek, hate).


If you’re looking for inspiration or curation, you can check out our weekly blog posts with recommended newsletter issues each week or some of the best newsletters in certain categories.


Otherwise, to get started, just search by key terms like “celebrities” or “entrepreneurship” or browse by category! Have fun and go discover some now…  

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Featured Newsletters

Coronavirus Memo from a News Hound, by Kathy Gill

News reports about the COVID-19 pandemic can be overwhelming and lack context. I write this at the end-of-day from the Seattle-area. Everything is fact-based; all reported cases have links. My goal: protect your time & your psyche...

Marketing BS with Edward Nevraumont

Marketing BS is the deepest dive you will find on what is really happening in the marketing function - every Tuesday morning. Written by an actual practitioner who has led marketing organizations at all company sizes, it is a contrarian...

The weekly chartr

GET DIFFERENT NEWS Our newsletter goes beyond the headlines and charts fresh insight into business, technology, sport & politics. It takes less than 5 minutes to read and it’s free. Here at Chartr our focus is our short-form, snappy newsletter...

Popular and recommended

Roots of Progress, by Jason Crawford

The Roots of Progress is a personal project of Jason Crawford—an intellectual project, which may take many years, to understand the nature and cause of human progress. Think of this less as a newsletter, and more of a personal research...

Stratechery, by Ben Thompson

Stratechery provides analysis of the strategy and business side of technology and media, and the impact of technology on society. Weekly Articles are free, while three Daily Updates a week are for subscribers only.

Age of Invention, by Anton Howes

Welcome to Age of Invention by me, Dr Anton Howes. I’m a historian of innovation. I write mostly about the causes of Britain’s Industrial Revolution, focusing on the lives of the individual innovators who made it happen. I’m interested in every...

Daily Brew, by Morning Brew

“Traditional business news sucks,” says Alex Lieberman, the 25-year-old CEO and cofounder of Morning Brew. Many readers agree with him—or at least prefer to get their daily business news from the concise, witty Morning Brew newsletter...