Look It's Me is transitioning to narrowSCALE

Here is the original email sent out about the transition in May 2020.



Within the next few weeks, Look It’s Me will be transitioning to narrowSCALE, a community where you connect around interesting email newsletter content and share what’s worth reading. In this world of sensationalized headlines driven by social media clicks, we’re excited to provide tools to help you go deep in the subjects you care about by writers that you trust. We explain more here.  


We’d love to have you join us on this journey. For an early peek, here are some newsletters relevant to the times, and hopefully your interests:



We have been so grateful for your friendships and interactions on Look It’s Me. It is with mixed emotions that we share with you about this next chapter in the life of LIM. We have had trouble making LIM into a sustainable business, especially with the advent of so many other strong social networks.


We wanted to be sure you heard it from us first and that you had ample time to ramp down your usage of LIM and any connections you’ve established-- we value that you’ve trusted us for your communications and we didn’t want it to just disappear on you overnight.


For those of you with recurring subscriptions, we have canceled all recurring payments going forward, so you won’t need to worry that you’ll get rebilled-- and you should be kept at your current level until we transition fully to narrowSCALE.


We’ll also continue to send out countdown reminders so you’re not caught by surprise. And as part of the transition you may also see emails come through from narrowSCALE instead of just LIM.


With thanks and love,

The LIM team

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