4/22/22 What's trending this week

4/22/22 What's trending this week


Here's what's trending this week in newsletters...enjoy!

This week around 7000 issues came in…
A handful of events (sinking of the Moskva, Elon trying to buy Twitter, Federal mask mandate overturned) caused little spikes in a few sets of related terms. The week-over-week increase in term usage was fairly low compared to other weeks, indicating that while these topics were definitely discussed, they didn't dominate the content of as many newsletters as usual.

(Click on any of the terms to learn more about them and read newsletter issues they're in)


Newly Emerging Terms

  • Moskva... as in the large Russian warship that was destroyed and sank, with the Ukrainians taking credit and Russia refuting their claim 
  • Jerusalem ... tensions are rising with renewed Israel-Palestine violence; increased attacks, air raids, rockets, etc.
  • poison pill... a tactic used by a company which is threatened by an unwelcomed takeover bid to prevent/discourage said takeover-- and in this case it relates to Elon Musk and his attempt to buy Twitter 
  • intimacy... seems very random; no common threads...
  • cruiser... various uses, but the majority relate to the Russian navy ship Moskva
  • Kathryn... as in the US District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle who overturned the federal mask mandate this week

Biggest Increase in Usage from Previous Week

  • cope (>200%)... cope with changing covid rules, cope with lockdowns in Shanghai, cope with lots of things... 
  • sinking (>150%)... related to the Russian cruiser Moskva 
  • Grill (>125%)... mainly driven by Chipotle Mexican Grill which is launching a new venture fund "Cultivate Next"
  • planes & airplanes (>125%)... various uses, but many related to the changing mask mandates on planes, trains, other public transport, etc
  • Coachella (~125%)... as in the music and arts festival taking place last weekend and this weekend
  • takeover (>100%)... mainly related to Elon Musk's attempted Twitter takeover 
  • Irving (>100%)... as in Kyrie Irving, basketball player for the Nets, who got himself into trouble at a game with the Celtics by making obscene gestures, using profane language towards spectators, etc...   

Most Used Terms  

Note that these "Most Used" terms tend to be used very broadly, in lots of contexts... vs. the other "Emerging" and "Biggest Usage Increase" terms which are, as you can tell, quite narrow and likely more meaningful/interesting.

By the time you read this, there will surely be some new trending topics, since they're updated in real time as newsletters come in. You can always check them on narrowSCALE'S home page if you're curious. 

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