12/31/20 Recommended Issues: 2020 Newsletters in Review

12/31/20 Recommended Issues: 2020 Newsletters in Review

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Each week we handpick newsletter issues by independent writers you may have missed that provide new or unique perspectives. 

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2020 Newsletters in Review 

Instead of the normal "Here are three issues worth reading", it seemed fitting to wrap up the year with a review of newsletter data. Hope you enjoy a slightly more macro view than usual... 

Newsletters that were subscribed to most 

 ... that's quite a range, from American politics to religion to tech & society to what's happening with the global depression caused by the pandemic & related policies.

Interestingly, per a recent article in the New York Times Heather Cox Richardson has been the most successful individual writer on the newsletter publishing platform Substack, with over 350,000 subscribers-- wow! If you feel like you're missing out on a nicely distilled, well-written summary of the day's events in American politics, you can sign up here and join the masses...

Over the summer, Nathan Tankus shot into fame as well, being highlighted in publications like Bloomberg: "A 28-Year-Old With No Degree Becomes a Must-Read on the Economy"... and his readership growth confirms that.  Want to subscribe too?

It's definitely intriguing to see traditional media calling out new newsletter writers.

Newsletters that received the most reviews

As "Marketing BS" implies, Edward is there to cut through the marketing crap; it's not for traditional brand or performance marketers, but instead for rebel marketers of the "third way" who want to do the right thing for the business, create long term impact, and leverage data. 5 stars all the way. He's also recently started podcast interviews of CEOs and CMOs which have gotten very positive feedback. Subscribe here...

Azeem of Exponential View also has amassed quite a following that loves how he bridges technology and society. He curates and summarizes what's going on from a multidisciplinary perspective to help explain trends and what that may mean for the future. It's definitely food for thought. Subscribe here...

 # of narrowSCALE newsletters sent this year: 36

# of unique newsletters cited as “worth reading”: 65

Newsletters cited most as "worth reading":

Peter has a phenomenal way of breaking down useful health information into digestible, actionable articles and Anton is a historian of innovation, often with a focus the causes of the Industrial Revolution in Britain...but I promise that what he writes is much more fascinating and eye-opening than the subject might imply!

Newsletters with the most “interesting” facts:

If any of the above pique your interest, feel free to subscribe by following their link. They're all fascinating, information-filled, and often quite thought-provoking newsletters; you can't go wrong!

Thank you for your continued readership, feedback, and questions. It makes it all worth it!

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Happy 2021 - may it bring you happiness and lots of newsletter reading :).

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