Newsletter Spotlight: The weekly chartr

Newsletter Spotlight: The weekly chartr

This is one of our favorites.

Why do we love it so? Chartr offers unique content, provided with great visuals (yes, awesome, understandable charts!), and a pithy, fun explanation or take away from each one. The Chartr folks actually go and find the data, analyze the data, and present it in a way that makes sense and is just visually cool. You have no choice but to think when you read it. And it’s interesting information about a variety of topics - from sports team valuations, to highest grossing Rated-R movies, to the revenue and efficiency of fast-food chains, to global conspiracy theories and lots, lots more.  

The newsletters contain these little tidbits of data that make your life more interesting and are conversation provoking. They stick in your brain and you’re guaranteed to accidentally blurt one or more of them out later to a friend at lunch without even thinking about it…

  • Hey, did you know… that the first rated R movie to gross over $1B worldwide blew the next highest out of the water by over $230M! Also, there’s not a lot of correlation at all between reviews and R-rated movie success. 
  •  I just read this interesting article about… the revenue of fast food companies. McDonald’s-run McDonald’s earn more than a million dollars more per store than the ones owned by franchises. Interesting huh! I wonder if you could figure out by going to a store, which is which?
  • Can you believe… that the most common conspiracy theory is that a small group of people control the whole world??!!  It’s more common than the conspiracy theories around moon landings or that aliens exist and they’re being hidden. Who knew!?
  • Earlier today I saw a stat that blew my mind… over 49.3 million Americans drive over 50miles for thanksgiving-- which would be the equivalent of NYC, Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, Sydney, and Toronto all emptying out! Can you imagine?!

It’s unique. It’s fascinating. It’s relevant. You’ll learn something. And it’s totally discussion-worthy.

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