7/8/22 What's trending this week?

7/8/22 What's trending this week?


Here's what's trending this week in newsletters...enjoy!

This week around 7000 issues came in…
The newly emerging terms are, unfortunately, dominated once again by words related to a mass shooting-- the one on the 4th of July this time. The terms which increased most in usage from the previous week have much more variety. 

(Click on any of the terms to learn more about them and read newsletter issues they're in)


Newly Emerging Terms

  • Highland... as in the location of the 4th of July parade mass shooting: Highland Park
  • gunman... the person who did the shooting at the parade
  • Crimo... as in the alleged gunman: Robert Crimo III
  • suburb... related to all of the mentions of Highland Park as a suburb of Chicago 

  • rooftop... as in where the gunman shot from

Biggest Increase in Usage from Previous Week

  • fireworks(>175%)... as in boom boom boom, 4th of July fireworks
  • Brittney Griner (>150%)... The US basketball star, who has been detained in Russia since February, just pled guilty to charges of drug possession and smuggling
  • nominate (~175%)... used in many contexts, such as released emails showing Biden might intend to nominate an anti-abortion Republican to be a federal judge in Kentucky, the White House announcing that Biden will nominate Phil Washington as head of the FAA, and more...
  • parade(>150%)... related the 4th of July and also especially frequently mentioned because of the mass shooting at the Highland Park parade  
  • Boris(>125%)... Boris Johnson, Tory leader and Prime Minister of the UK, just resigned on Thursday
  • 4th (>125%)... yep, as in the 4th of July   


Most Used Terms  

Note that these "Most Used" terms tend to be used very broadly, in lots of contexts... vs. the other "Emerging" and "Biggest Usage Increase" terms which are, as you can tell, quite narrow and likely more meaningful/interesting.

By the time you read this, there will surely be some new trending topics, since they're updated in real time as newsletters come in. You can always check them on narrowSCALE'S home page if you're curious. 

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