Category Spotlight: Celebrities

Category Spotlight: Celebrities

Love reading the latest celeb gossip?... the latest sneak peeks at movies/tv? ...the newest fashion or beauty tips trending by celebrities? If so, we’ve got some winners in this newsletter category for you!!!

Hello Giggles, Page Six Daily, Popsugar Celebrity, and Vogue Daily all dive into the latest celebrity news, along with trends in celeb beauty and fashion. They come out daily, with breaking news alerts too, assuring that you’re not going to be left in the dark when Katy Perry announces she’s pregnant (!). HelloGiggles is perhaps a tad more female-focused than the others and Vogue Daily is nice because it doesn’t have ads all over so you can skim through more easily to figure out what you’re interested in. Can’t really go wrong with any of them if you’re looking to be in-the-know on all things “celebrity”!

Guest of a Guest is aspirational and uniquely local... It’s targeted at different cities, like NYC, SF, LA, etc and it has collections of stories (links) about celebrities as well as the top things that local wealthy people/celebs are doing, attending, watching, wearing, etc, in that locale. If you’re curious what the rich and famous around you are up to, Guest of a Guest might be for you...

Trissues is one of the few independent long-form newsletters on celebrities. The author has their own opinions and writes their own take about a specific celebrity/event in the news. It’s conversationally written, easy to read, and is a nice change from so many of the other newsletters that just aggregate stories and link away. Grab a cup of coffee or sit on the subway on your way to work-- and enjoy reading someone’s thoughts on some celebrities. It comes out a couple times/month so you also won’t get bombarded.

One of the few others out there that resembles long-form journalism about celebrities in an actual email is Page Six’s weekly Evening Cocktail.  It’s witty, with short little paragraphs of interesting bite-size information -- and you’ll actually learn something while being entertained. We advise that you follow the title’s recommendation and sip a nice drink while you breeze through it. You can follow some links to dig in more to the stories if you want, but the email completely stands alone, which we love.

As we know, there are also LOTS of types of celebrities out there... if you have specific hankering for news just about ROYALS, we can recommend Vogue Royals. It only comes out once/month, doesn’t overload your inbox, has an intro and links out to a *few* key articles, and is clean and fairly ad-free. Interesting info, easy on your eyes, easy on your inbox. Cheers and a cup of tea to that.

And if you’re more broadly interested in the whole entertainment industry, with celebrities being just one part of that, The Guardian (From the Magazine) and the Daily Beast (Entertainment) would be great options for you. You’ll get eye-catching photos with snippets in the email and then you’ll follow the links to read more than you’ll ever need to know about arts, entertainment, celebs, and that whole world!

It would be amazing to find more independent takes on celebrities. If you know of anyone out there writing independently about celebrities-- or any other celebrity newsletters we should have on our radar, let us know at

Happy reading!

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