Introducing the narrowSCALE Podcast!

Introducing the narrowSCALE Podcast!

We are excited to announce that narrowSCALE has started a podcast to connect newsletter readers to their favorite newsletter writers and connect writers to new audiences!

Rarely do readers get a chance to actually HEAR the sound of a writer’s voice.  While the written word is obviously an engaging medium, there’s something special and different when you hear the real voice behind the words. The narrowSCALE podcast brings a voice to writers and offers readers a chance to learn even more from the writers they love-- or discover new writers!

On the narrowSCALE podcast, we feature a newsletter writer in each episode— and explore the subjects they’re so knowledgeable and passionate about.  We also delve into the writer’s background and learn more about them as real humans.

Come learn with us. Come be entertained with us.

And if you’re a newsletter writer: come talk with us!  (If you’d like to be featured on the podcast, just email

The narrowSCALE Podcast can be found on all major podcasting sites (Google Podcasts, Spotify, PocketCasts, etc).

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