6/11/21 Recommended Issues: Degrees of Difficulty, Bitcoin, Sage Thoughts

6/11/21 Recommended Issues: Degrees of Difficulty, Bitcoin, Sage Thoughts

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 Degrees of Difficulty in Marketing BS with Edward Nevraumont on Jun 9 

This issue will make you think about how degrees of difficulty are (or more often aren’t) factored into outcome measurements. You do see degrees of difficulty included in sports (think scoring for gymnastics, diving, etc), but how about in business growth, sales leads, CEO performance, etc? How could (or should?) you think about the impact of degrees of difficulty when considering outcomes, goals, incentives/rewards, etc. There aren’t easy answers, but you’ll be left with a lot of questions and new perspectives. (2316 words; 8.5 minutes)  Read it...


Bitcoin Is Stuck In No Mans Land in The Pomp Letter by Anthony Pompliano on Jun 4

This issue deep dives you into what’s up with Bitcoin right now, why the price is likely bouncing around (but not escaping) the mid-high 30s, and how it can break out of that range. Anthony provides solid charts and graphs to help explain what he's talking about-- and while the issue does go into some pretty deep technical details, even if you don’t quite grok it all, you’ll still walk away with a better understanding of why Bitcoin is where it is now, what/who is driving it, and what change could look like... (979 words; 3.5 minutes) Read it...


The Courage to Be Disliked in Book Freak by Mark Frauenfelder  

While it’s generally tough to summarize a whole book in four pithy take-aways, that’s exactly what Mark pulls off in this issue. He shrinks a book called “The Courage to be Disliked” into four bullets, each with an accompanying quote that will give you pause and make you think. Here’s number one: ”Do not live to satisfy the expectations of others: 'The courage to be happy also includes the courage to be disliked. When you have gained that courage, your interpersonal relationships will all at once change into things of lightness'.” Consider this your super quick weekend dose of introspection. (286 words; 1 min) Shortest newsletter ever...Read it...  


Learnings from newsletters this week:


  • BlueDot and HealthMap, two companies that use natural language processing to scrape local news, warned customers about “a new type of pneumonia in Wuhan, China” on December 30th and 31st 2019, respectively — a solid week before the US Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization did the same. AI for good... Dynamically Typed 6/6
  • In Q1 2021, almost a quarter (24%) of Airbnb stays were for 28 days or more... intriguing to think that Airbnb may be becoming more of an experiment in living in different places on top of just the expected "travel" company it's commonly thought of as.... Travel Tech Essentialist 5/28
  • White WNBA players received twice as much coverage as Black players in 2020 season...ugh. (A lot of other related & interesting stats in this issue too). Power Plays 6/8
  • In 2020 the US Patent Office granted 352,000 patents, which was just shy of the record from 2019 of 354,000.  Good to see that innovation (or at least innovation protection) wasn't stifled during the pandemic! chartr 6/11
  • Fishermen in Yemen discovered a whale carcass with $1.5M worth of a stick, waxy substance (Ambergris) that's used as an ingredient in perfume...weird? fascinating? gross? Why is this Interesting 6/10


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