6/18/21 Recommended Issues: Rakfisk, El Salvador & Bitcoin, Closed Office Doors

6/18/21 Recommended Issues: Rakfisk, El Salvador & Bitcoin, Closed Office Doors

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Preserving the Glut: Rakfisk, the New Nordic and Grandiosa Pizza in Vittles by Jan-Peter Westad on June 14 

This issue is a wonderful blend of nostalgia, food, culture, history, and economics...all related to Norway and its people’s relationship to rakfisk (a fermented fish). You learn why rakfisk came to be, how it’s made, who still eats it (and why and when), how other food has evolved in Norway, what Norway’s current situation is with food insecurity (and how it’s being tackled), and many other interesting tidbits. It’s all fabulously woven together in an enjoyable read that will leave you both entertained and more culturally savvy. (2730 words; 10 minutes) Read it…


Coin Metrics' State of the Network: Issue 107 by Nate Maddrey and the Coin Metrics Team on June 15th

El Salvador skyrocketed in the news (and newsletters) over the past week after the country announced it was officially making Bitcoin legal tender-- the first country to do so. If you haven’t followed the story and would like to understand why this is momentous, why they did it, what the benefits are, and what implications may be for other countries if it proves successful, this issue of Coin Metrics offers a pithy, well-structured explanation. It’s short and you’ll walk away with just the right level of knowledge. (Note: you can skip the rest after the El Salvador-Bitcoin section) (660 words; 2.5 minutes) Read it...


The Closed Office Door in The Daily Coach by George Raveling and Michael Lombardi on June 14  

This issue posits that closing an office door leads other people in the office (those excluded from the closed door room) to draw one of four negative conclusions-- and that none of those conclusions will lead to positive results in the long term. Rather than taking this issue fully at face value, it should cause you to think and ask some bigger questions, like: has this always been the case? Or have workers’ perceptions changed as the work spaces trended away from individual offices and more towards open office spaces? Is it different generationally with workers? Are you best working from home on days when you’d rather be closing an office door so as not to create misinterpretations? What’s the point of having an office if there’s so much mental overhead involved with a decision to close a door? ...and more. Given that a lot of folks are headed back to in-person office work soon, it’s worth pondering the issue’s implications. (410 words; 1.5 minutes) Read it...  


Learnings from newsletters this week:


  • The latest measurement of atmospheric CO2 (as of June 09, 2021): 419.34 ppm; April 2020: 418.32 ppm; 25 years ago: 360 ppm; 250 years ago, est: 250 ppm. Exponential View 6/13
  • For the first time since 1536, Oxford University Press won't be operating a printing press Exponential View 6/13
  • Toothpaste often has stripes because when striped toothpaste was first invented in the 1960's, marketers discovered that it reinforced the message that the toothpaste performed multiple functions. (if you want to learn how the stripes are made, which was also quite intriguing, you can read here...) Design Lobster 6/13
  • A survey of 2,900 Gen Z and millennials found that 51% believe one-night stands will become a thing of the past post-pandemic, and are instead “yearning for something more ‘substantial.’”...hmm, self-reporting has never been extremely reliable :). After School 6/14


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